Quick Tips for Romance

Here are a few quick tips to spice up the romance in your life:

1.) Communication. Sometimes, just communication with your lover can bring about a sense of openness and honesty that instantly spices things up.

2.) Pink Bed Sheets. It may seem too feminine, but pink bed sheets can help enhance the feeling of love.

3.) South West Corner. This corner is associated with everything love, so pay attention to it. This is a good place to put rose quartz.

Just a few things can help increase the romance :)

The Doors in Your Office

This may be one of those things that are hard to control, but if you have an office with two doors, try to have one door blocked off. If you have two doors in your office, the chi can come in and go right out of your office. If you have the choice of an office, try to select the office with only one door.

For your desk, make sure you are facing the door when you are sitting at your desk. This is the command position that I referred to just the other day. The command position is the best position and should try to be achieved.

An Item for a Child's Bedroom

It's no laughing matter, place a laughing budda in your child's bedroom. The laughing budda is a symbol of wealth and happiness and will help to bring smiles when placed in your child's bedroom. You can also rub the belly on a daily basic to bring you good luck.

You can also place a laughing budda anywhere where good luck and joy is needed. Places like a home office or even in your living room.


How Long Has Feng Shui Been Here?

Feng Shui was brought to the US by those from other countries who have been practicing it. So, that means it could be as early as the 1800s that Feng Shui has been here. As long as someone living in the US had the knowledge...it was here.

Now, as for Feng Shui gaining popularity, most of that has happened recently. There will always be the critics, but the proponents are growing in numbers. You see more sites now dedicated to Feng Shui. You see more books. The knowledge is flowing and more people are learning.

Disagreements in Feng Shui

I've been reading up on myths in Feng Shui. I find it quite fascinating. One source says one thing...another source says another. It's to be expected when practicing Feng Shui has roots from many, many years ago. That leads to many interpretations.

What is someone to do after reading conflicting statements? I look at it this way...and this applies to many things in one's life...you have to do what is right for you.

If you move a piece of furniture and it makes you feel very wrong (after letting it be there for a while to get used to it), perhaps you should try another placement of the piece. Feng Shui is about being comfortable in your surroundings so if that placement isn't working for you it may be time to try something new.